Welcome to WE ARE ALL, a luxury jewelry brand with a passion for semi-precious costume jewelry that combines classic vintage with a contemporary touch for the modern woman. Our pieces are handmade and carefully curated quality for those who seek something timeless and extraordinary that can be passed on to the next generation and beyond. The aim of our jewelry is to empower women by strengthening and defining their unique style and personality.
Feel like a Queen with a feminine jewelry brand with a winning edge.
We are – Unique!
Our jewelry has been designed for those who want to stand out from the pack and for women who are not afraid to express themselves. We offer you a one-stop-shop where you can find unique jewelry for any occasion. Our exquisite pieces will draw the eyes of those around you with looks of envy and admiration. Our aim is centered around the idea of giving our valued customers an added dose of self-confidence.
We just love being "Extraordinary"
We are – timeless!
Every single piece of jewelry in our exclusive selection has been designed to last from one generation to the next, and longer. Every consideration has gone into the designs so that our pieces will look stylish and stunning no matter which fashion era we find ourselves in. It's more about YOU than what the fashion pages are saying. Our jewelry line is timeless, elegant, sassy and striking with just the right amount of pizazz.
Each piece has been lovingly handcrafted using precious metals, quality plating, zirconia and Swarovski crystals.
We are - supportive!
We believe every woman is unique so we don't follow fashion rules or any rules for that matter. Our commitment is to do what is best for our customers and us as a family. The aim of our collection and our company is to take a stand against fast fashion and take a step away from generic mass production. With this in mind, we keep the creation of our collections to small batches. We believe in supporting small businesses and empowering women. Therefore, our products are handmade in family-owned workshops, creating high-quality pieces designed to last a lifetime.
About the founder
The world we live in is fast-moving and it's not always easy to focus on the important aspects of our lives. Having two precious children, I know what kinds of values I want to teach and instill in my daughters. It is my mission to teach my girls to be book smart as well as street smart. I want to teach them to stand proudly as strong and independent young women, to be able to make the right decisions based on their own good judgment. I want this strength to shine in them so they are not afraid to be vulnerable. Most importantly, I want to teach them that they can be whatever they decide they want to be. It's okay to reach for the stars and have big dreams.
I have designed my jewelry collection with strong pieces that make a statement without saying a single word. These pieces are about giving women extra confidence and a feeling of empowerment. The core message should also be us women need to support each other. This amazing platform is what I want for my girls when they grow up.
Women empowering women.  Queens straightening each other's crowns, not knocking them down. Sisters united against a harsh world, empowered and capable of making changes for a brighter future. Queens standing together ... Strong.
Want to know more? Drop us a line at hello@weareallhq.com or follow us on social media @weareallhq.jewelry
All our love, 
Team WE ARE ALL xo