How to keep your Jewelry long lasting!

Here at WE ARE ALL we purposely design our jewelry to last a lifetime.

We love the idea that jewelry can be passed on to other generations. But only a beautiful design won’t make a lifetime if you don’t take care of your jewelry.

Yes, we have our jewelry care guide but there are more things you can do to let your jewelry shine even brighter.

Here are a few of our tips!

The problem occurs because of the silver's reaction to items that contain sulfur or oxygen in the air but it  can also be because of your PH level of your skin.

What you need:

A glass bowl (avoid stainless steel bowls).
Microfiber cloths or cotton flannel.


Cleaning Sterling silver jewelry:

Tip 1: Water and baking soda
make a paste of these two ingredients. And gently polish with a clean cloth. 1 part baking soda and 4 parts lemon juice. when you're finished, rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a different clean cloth. 

Tip 2: Warm to luke water and dish soap.
Use a clean cloth and gently clean your jewelry with these two combinations

Tip3: Olive oil and lemon juice

Grab an lemon and cut it in half. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and polish with clean cloth.
Lemons contain citric acid, a natural cleaning agent powerful enough to make sterling silver items shine. Rinse the silver items in clean water and dry with another clean microfiber or cotton flannel cloth

*Do not use this method on jewelry with rhinestones/gemstones

Pearls, for example, may disintegrate in contact with the citric acid in lemon juice.
Don't clean silver-plated items or fine silver with anything abrasive -- such as salt and lemon juice or by using baking soda paste -- as this can damage the silver.

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